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Easy Be testimonials

These are testimonials by a few of our happy customers. Just Follow…

Leading Camping Havelberge, Gross Quassow (D) // Dr. Günter Riechey, Director and President of the German Camping Association BVCB:
”Even more comfort at Camping and Holiday Park Havelberge.’ Machines take over dishwashing by hand. As of now, all the guest at 5-star Camping and Holiday Park Havelberge can enjoy even more comfort. A total of 5 especially designed and sustainable machines of Dutch Partner Easy Be are available for the guest to use one time per day for free. The dishes are done in 5 minutes. On camp sites, dishwashing is a popular socializing moment. This has not changed. Only the dishes are done faster, more hygienic and sustainable because of the savings on fresh drinking water. Holders of the Premium Leading Camping Member Card are offered the same service.”


Leading Camping Strandpark de Zeeuwse Kust, Renesse*** (NL) // Marc Ruijtenberg, Director:
”Strandpark de Zeeuwse Kust is a family camp site located on just 250 meters of the North Sea beach in Renesse which has the availability of 4 Easy Be dishwashers in our sanitary blocks. We must say that it is a big success. Camp site guest are pleasantly surprised upon arrival when they hear what they can use the free tokens for. The modern campers in 2015 are more focused on luxury and comfort so this is an ideal replenishment on todays camping behavior.”


Leading Camping Ferienpark Alfsee***, Rieste (D) // Anton Harms, Director:
”We are delighted to see how well the Easy Be dishwashing service is embraced by our guest. Already upon check-in when receiving the free tokens our guest are exited about the relief of this household chore. This way our guest have more holiday time.”


Camping Julianahoeve, Renesse***(NL) // Sandy Troost, Director:
”This cosy family camp site is located at the beach and offers everything you need for a perfect camping holiday. A 5 star camp site with the best facilities and a comprehensive entertainment program for children. Spring 2016, all sanitary blocks were enriched with the Easy Be dishwashers. In season 2016 we ran 15.000 dishwashing runs. Upon check-in, our receptionists are able to surprise our guest with the fact that they don’t have to do the dishes and this always gives a lot of joy and enthusiastic reactions. Although it appears that the mothers are of the opinion that this is too Easy for the fathers! Apparently, it is the fathers responsibility to wash dishes on camping holiday.”


Freizeitcenter Oberrhein, Rheinmünster (D) // Andre Junkereit, Director:
”We are very pleased to offer our guest the Easy Be dishwashing service 2.0! with cards!”


La Ballena Alegre, Sant Pere Pascador (E) // Alex Trias, Director:
”The perfect mix between service and taking care of the environment. The camp site and the guest are really happy with a great service with the additional advantage of reducing significantly the use of water, a win-win-win solution. Some years ago we added the dishwasher to all bungalows, with Easy Be we have been able to provide this great service to our camping pitches. We as a company always strive to make guest holidays better.”


Chateau de Boisson, Allegre les Fumades, (F) // Joffrey Jaschke: Direktor:
”Château de Boisson is a 5* camp-site located in the Gard in the south of France. For the 2015 season we have installed an EasyBe dishwasher in each shower block and the machines are already a great success. Our customers enjoy the added luxury of not having to do their own dishes during their holiday and even those who assure us that they will not need the tokens end up using their allotted stock!”


Camping Naturisme Riva Bella, Corsica (F) // Marie-Claire Gaddoni, Director:
”Four star camping Riva Bella is the first naturism camp site where guest don’t have to wash dishes by hand any more. Besides that, Riva Bella is the first camp site on the island of Corsica with the Easy Be dishwashing service. Our guest do the daily dishes in 5 minutes with Easy Be! Is is ingenius because our guest are on holiday!”


Camping de Krabbeplaat, Brielle (NL) // Willem van Egmond, Director:
”I was the first to make use of the service. Our guest and we ourselfs are very satisfied about the service and the use of the machines. We receive positive feedback and the service contributes to a positive result for the environment which accounts for in the GreenKey assessment criteria. Up to now we certainly have no regrets about the agreement.”


Camping de Vliedberg, Scharendijke (NL) // Familie Coomans, Director:
”Family camp site de Vliedberg, at the foot of the Brouwersdam, the surfing paradise, in Scharendijke is headed for again more service and perfectionism in 2016.’ When you want to be the best and remain at the top, you have to invest and his is what we do with passion. This is why we commit to the full-service Easy Be dishwashing service for an even better holiday experience. No more fighting over who has to do the dishes. Our new professional machines will give that extra holiday feeling in 5 minutes, every day for free.”


Camping Diever – Diever (NL) // Marjan and Hans Ike, Directors:
”Unique, very comforting while camping for our guest.”


Birkelund camping, Hovet i Hallingdal (N) // Rinie and Franka van der Pluijm, Directors:
”We and our guest are very happy with the Easy Be dishwashing service. Good for savings on water and electricity, so good for the environment and friendly to our wallet. A perfect solution for a sustainable certified camp sites like ours.”


Camping Um Gritt and Camping Du Nord, Goebelsmühle (L) // Jan Vermeulen, Director:
‘Since April 2014 we have two Easy Be machines on our camp sites. Upon check-in our guest receive a basket, coins and instructions. Our guest are happily surprised about this free service and are very satisfied about the result and the easy way of work.’


Camping Relais de la Sarvaz, Saillon (CH) // Philippe Michellod, Chef Cuisinier and Director:
”We are proud toe be the first camp site in Switzerland with the Easy Be dishwashing service. Our guest are very satisfied! The Easy Be dishwashing service is the future!”


Camping De Hondsrug, Eext (NL) // Bert ten Oever en André Niewijk, Directors:
”Camping with Comfort!”


Marina Naarden, Naarden (NL) // Gerrit Gortzak, Director:
”The Easy Be dishwashers can not be ignored at Marina Naarden. Our goal was to reduce dirty waste water on the surface. This is the reason we offer this free service to all our guest. Meanwhile, many guest have discovered the comfort of luxury. Our residential guest as well as our walk-in and camper guest love to make use of the service.”

Das ultimative Urlaubsgefühl

Wenn Sie auch gerne einmal zu Besuch auf einen Easy Be Campingplatz kommen möchten, können Sie sich hier eine Übersicht der Campingplätze ansehen, auf denen Sie nicht mehr selbst spülen müssen. Das ist natürlich erst so richtig Urlaub…